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Your design will be sandwiched between the film and the adhesive, will not be able to scratched off.

Benefits to lock printing:

  • Better print security, long lasting & clarity.
  • Print does not smudge or smear off.
  • More affordable for high volume.

You can choose the pantone color you want, but we recommend that you use light background colors so your print does not affect it (Example: blue on white), or use dark printing on dark background (Example: black on tan). However, if you need a dark tape such as dark blue with a white logo, we can do it but it will have an additional cost. The method we use is to print the entire tape but your logo on white background, would be like printing in negative.



You can combine any background color up to 4 printing colors. 



The artwork must be inside the printing area. No bleed needed. Please only use the ARTWORK layer from the template.

Use only spot colors from the PANTONE Solid Coated Guide. They should be indicated in the Color Separation section.

The printing is continuos, the graphic elements bleeding from the beginning (left side) must coincide and be aligned with the graphic elements bleeding at the end (right side). No text can be bleeding, only simple geometric figures.

Please DON'T: rename, delete or replace any layer of template or resize the template or printing/text area.



-Printing process: Flexography

-Maximum of 3 spot colors

-Strokes minimum size: 0.25 pts positive / 0.5 pts negative

-Text minimum size: 0.5 pts positive / 1 pts negative

-Screening & Gradients: 90% to 5% minimum

-It's not possible to print four-color (CMYK) photos